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#1 AI chatbot builder platform for Digital Agencies

Tailored for marketing and web development agencies, the promptchat AI platform is the most cost efficient way to create and resell custom AI chatbots not only for websites but for all social chat platforms.

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How promptchat AI works?

Building a custom AI chatbot with promptchat is so simple that you can have your first bot deployed on the Web / Whatsapp in 10 minutes.

  • Train a chatbot via website content or uploaded text documents without code
  • Personalize the look & feel of the bot via your colours, fonts and set the chatbot's tone to align with your customer's brand
  • Easily embed the custom white label AI chatbots into any website with a single line of code or publish to a WhatsApp number via a QR code.

Use your own OpenAI API key and charge your customers as you see fit

Unlimited customers and Unlimited white label chatbots

One of the major benefits of the Promptchat AI platform is that you can use your own OpenAI secret key so there is no limit on messages or conversations. You pay a fixed monthly fee for unlimited customers and chatbots and you can charge your end user customers as you like. 🤹‍♂️


30 day free trial

Setup on your own custom domain via CNAME

Customization available at $50/hour

$99 per month after the free trial period


PROMPTCHAT is a complete chatbot builder platform with human takeover and enterpise features for small and large businesses alike

Add the rule based chatbot builder platform for access to API, webhooks and tons of other features with 1-1 support.


All incoming chats enter the Chatboard ready for processing

This is where you can send chat and Email message campaigns 😎.

Broadcast campaigns via the Web, Email, SMS, FB Messenger, Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp;

Promptchat is not just a chat support system. It is a complete multi-channel chat marketing solution handling both inbound and outbound chats.

The trial version is free and unlimited for 30 days



Resell Ready for Your Agency

Effortlessly rebrand and resell to your clients, creating a new revenue stream. Expand your agency's offerings and unlock new potentials with promptchat's resellable custom AI and/or rule based chatbots.


Customize to Match Your Brand

Completely white label. Runs on your domain, your logo, your fonts and even the menu icons and colour codes are customizable to match your brand. Complete with a customer management console giving you real-time oversight of usage.


Rule based chatbots or GPT to Power Your Bots

You can build rule based chatbots when you want to take chatbot users on a predefined customer journey and / or power up your chatbots with OpenAI's GPT language model to provide conversational experience.


What else can promptchat do?

Simple to use chat app. You can be a beginner or already a pro --->> promptchat will definetely show you something new 🔥. Help and support is a click away 18 hours a day and 6 days a week.


Multi-channel and Omnichannel chat inbox

Inbound chat automation on the Web, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Viber, FB, Instagram.

(1 phone number shared when bot is on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

Visual drag&drop chatbot builder or GPT 3.5 turbo

You can build both rule based chatbots as well as AI powered own content trained chatbots usinig your own OpenAI API key.

(Promptchat is unlimited and you can charge end users per your plan)

Chat campaign manager and broadcaster

SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Viber campaigns can be sent as part of automation or as campaign.

(Email is great but chat is best 😉)

Calendar based event booking manager

Your chatbots can take care of automated event bookings based on calendar availability.

(No need for 3rd party software for calendar bookings)

API and webhooks for systems integration

With the help of the API block and Javascript and PHO code executors promptchat can be intergated with thousands of apps.

(No more manual Excel work 🙏)

$99 / month / unlimited AI chatbots

Automate sales/support processes, product returns and after sales customer care. The end result will be that even the smallest teams achieve outstanding results thanks to automation!


Main features

  • Unlimited chatbots for unlimited customers
  • Fixed monthly fee of $99
  • Optional Addons for when you need the hieger end features
  • Use your own OpenAI token
  • Help and support available 6 days a week

Available on a monthly or annual plan with 20% discount

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Who is it for?

Just a few examples

  • Online Agencies
  • Automation experts
  • Creative professionals
  • Independent consultants
  • Web/Marketing agencies
  • Startups, entrepeneurs
kathi kornel

Who is your presenter

Kornel Kathi

Promptchat's product manager.

  • I will introduce promptchat via Zoom/Google Meet
  • Help you with systems integration
  • Build your 1st chatbot for your own use for free
  • Provide free and optional paid training sessions

Never tried chat before?

You don't know what you're missing 👀

Watch the videos or register a free account

You can test it free for 30 days on your website or WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram number(s).

Frequently asked questions

(Have a question you don't see the answer for here - click the chat bubble in the bottom to start a live chat)

Is the chatbot only for websites?

Promptchat is universal and multichannel so any chatbot you build will be instantly available to deploy on your FB page, Instagram page, WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram.

Are there any limits on how many chatbots i can build?

No limit. 🐧You can build as many chatbots as you like. Each chatbot comes with 1 Chat Admininstrator access. You can addon additional chat operators at $5.75 per month. (Chat operators are employees in the business who answer to live chat requests.)

How will the chatbot have answers to all the questions about my or my customers' business?

The chatbot can only answer the questions it has been taught. If the bot receive a question for which it does not know the answer to or if a human agent is requested, the bot will immediately send the started chat conversation to a human colleague (chat operator) who will continue the conversation. In other words, you have to imagine chatbots in real life as the assistant of our customer service agent🦄..

Can the user of the chatbot ever get an incorrect response?

If you use the rule based chatbot builder - incorrect responses are out of the question sincve you build and maintain the chatbot yourself with a visual chatbot builder (it is very easy to build with a drag&drop user interface) and you can read every conversation as soon as it has taken place (even live). You can take over the conversation at any time and continue the chat(s) live.

However when you use GPT to answer your customers' questions, it is possible that GPT answers incorrectly. It very much depends on how much training you had done on your chatbot. A chatbot is like a human agent - whatever you train your human colleague that's what he/she will know. It works the same way with AI. The more you train it the more it will know.

Isn't the chatbot going to frustrate the users if it cannot answer in a satisfactory manner?

When a user starts a conversation with a chatbot; The chatbot's welcome intro text is:

"A human agent can take over this conversation at any time during working hours. Click here if you want to be connected to a ive agent."

At this point, the chatbot asks the customer for the necessary information (name, order number, topic of interest, etc.) and signals to the live agent that there is a customer waiting in line. It can also send an SMS or WhatsApp to the human agent so that the customer does not have to wait long. In other words, the chatbot helps users even if it doesn't know the answer to a particular query.

What kind of notification do I get when a user starts using the chatbot?

In addition to sound notifications, you can also set visual notifications and receive notifications by email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber. (For example: A chatbot user just asked the chatbot for the price list, log in to your promptchat account and chat with them...

Will the users of the chatbots get a correct answer to their query?

The more information we feed into the GPT powered chatbot, the more customers it will be able to help. Obviously, it will never be able to replace a live agent, so switching to live chat will remain an option for the entire duration of the conversation.

Is promptchat based on artificial intelligence (AI) or is it a manually built conversation flow?

promptchat MANUAL includes a drag & drop chatbot builder that you can use to build your own chatbot's knowledge base. This bot will only be able to answer what you have taught it. So, a manual chatbot is practically a conversational knowledge base/FAQ with a predesigned conversation flow. promptchat AI is based on GPT and it will answer in a conversational manner based on the content it's been trained on. These chatbots also require an employee to do the training and maintenance of these bots.

Rule based chatbot vs AI chatbot? What is the difference?

ChatGPT is an AI language model whose answers are based on a large amount of pre-existing knowledge acquired from various sources. That means you can use it for a lot of things, but not for your company's customer service; Not until you train it with your company's knowledge base. And you can train it very easily with the built in trainer module. (Literally in minutes, just follow the instructions.)

Manual chatbots are built step by step and are great for when you want your customers to go through a process which you defined. Do not underestimate manual chatbots are they can be integrated via API to online systems and high level of automation can be achieved using a no code interface. You can also use a combination of manual and AI chatbots.

I have my own OpenAI token, can I use it to power up my chatbots?

Yes. Promptchat is unlimited because you can use your own OpenAI API token.

What does a chat landing page look like?

Chatbots can be installed/deployed in 3 ways:

1) Traditional chat bubble in the bottom corner of a website (or embedded into HTML)

2) SMS, Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp... for example "Send a text SMS-t to receive a 25% coupon" and the conversation continues...

3) Chat landing page, which is effectively a full page chatbot on the Web. Here is an example of a chatbot landing page: click here to check it out


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